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Excellent technical know-how on wireless technology standards, trends and products. A competent source of technical information at your service!

Success Stories

Having other R&D companies in mind and thousands of their creative employees, we designed and delivered an innovative on-line service, The service helps to unleash creative potential of R&D companies and their employees while letting them enjoy additional financial benefits.

Wireless Technical Courses

A series of technical trainings on LTE radio access technology and optimization was delivered to PLAY, Polish fastest growing national wireless operator. All the courses were delivered on time and with exceptional quality, to our and our customer delight.

Wireless Technical Courses

The estimetrics service has been designed to make picking the best leads while tracking contracting estimates a snap. The service aims at making better business decisions by providing instant metrics dashboards, while also motivating employees to pursue and win more profitable contracting jobs. While working closely with the client, our role was to implement, launch and maintain the service.

Management Team


WiLabs is an R&D services provider active in the area of software development and communication technologies.

The world around us is experiencing an amazing revolution. And while Internet and communication technologies are changing the way we live, work, interact and collaborate, we combine these competences to meet the demands of the changing world and to make the best of the opportunities it brings.

Why Us?


All of our projects follow well-established agile development principles. While closely interacting with our clients, the results are the priority. Empowered with solid technology know-how and in-house project management capability, WiLabs is well set to make your project fly.


Empowered with solid technology know-how and in-house project management capability, WiLabs is well positioned to make a project fly.


There can be no compromise when it comes to quality. That is why, quality assurance is always a natural part of any project work. By relying on our clients' feedback and by using quality assurance methodologies we make sure that projects are delivered on time without compromising quality.


Experience. Knowledge. Very high competences. Interaction. Simplifying complex info. Smile. It was a real pleasure for me to participate. Already recommended to other colleagues. Many thanks!

Department Manager (3G telecom course participant)

Department Manager (3G telecom course participant)
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